Thursday, March 2, 2017

This blog to succeed International Highway Makeover 2

Due to concerns expressed by my partner Andrew Porter about the commingling of my blogs and YouTube posts with his gmail inbox: he's got two gmail addresses with his name on it: one that he uses himself, and one that he has been letting me use because Google attached my blog and my YouTube account to it without asking me, when we tried to sign him up for gmail initially. Now the comments I've been expressing elsewhere under my old Google ID "Ed-M" and my YouTube ID "PfctvsPontivsPilatvs" has been showing up in the latter email address as is right and proper, but is also polluting the former address--the one that he's using! So I'm stopping my using those and going by my real ID now in order to prevent any further cross-pollution.

To expedite this, I'm starting a new trio of blogs to succeed Fin des Voies Rapides / If Peak Oil Were No Object ( Ed-M's Commentarium ), Cruci Blog ( Ed-M's Cruci Blog ), and International Highway Makeover 2 (this blog).